Geocell Installation – Geocell Slope Protection

Geocell slope protection system provides excellent protection for slopes against erosion through its designed expandable, strong, and cellular structure. It confines the desired infill and resists downward migration of material due to hydraulic flows. The infill materials are based on the requirement of projects. Topsoil is for well establishing vegetation systems; granular infill is for non-vegetation slopes; concrete is best for hard, durable protection for severe conditions. A slope installation crew is comprised of (5) laborers and (1) supervisors.

Base Preparation

  • Prepare the site by removing all vegetative cover, debris, and any unacceptable soils from the area where the Geocell cellular confinement system is to be placed. Replace any removed soils with acceptable materials and complete all earthwork, including going in trenches when required, in accordance with the job specifications.
  • If geotextile is required by the job specifications, installation should be accomplished in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Geotextile will not only protect the slope with filtration and drainage functions but also help the plants strongly rooted.
  • For projects over Geomembranes, make sure that the geomembrane or other geosynthetic material has been installed per the manufacturer’s instructions and that all earthwork has been prepared.

Deploy Geocell

Position the Geocell section along the slope direction.

Panels will need to be either precut or joined depending on the length of the slope. Prepare precut or pre-connect panels at the top of the slope.

Anchor the upper edge of the Geocell to the top of the slope.

Stretch the panels down the slope and stake every other cell at the bottom.

Sometimes, the project may need an anchor trench, which shall be excavated according to the project designs.

If the project design requires tendons, feed the tendons through the collapsed panel and attach one end to the dead man anchor in the anchor trench. Pull the tendons down the slope to the toe of the slope. With the tendons through the panel, tie the tendon to the cell wall or to a load- displacement washer every 3-6 cells depending on the project requirement.

Infill material

The fill material should be selected to meet the project and earth properties. Fill the cells with a front-end loader or dump truck (caution: Excessive drop height might hurt the cells. Drop-height<1m is suggested.)

Infill material should be about 2-5cm higher than the cells to allow for settling and compaction.

Finally compact the Geocell system well in accordance with the designs.


A vegetation system can prevent the topsoil from being eroded by the rain. Sowing various grass seeds to generate the vegetation system.