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Hengfeng Plastic Co., Ltd is a Geocell manufacturer in China since the year 2004. Through more than 20 years of efforts, we have exported our Geocell ground grid to more than 28 countries to meet 80+ different kinds of challenging projects.

We created our brand “Excell” to better control our Geocell quality and serve our customers all over the world.

Excell = Excellent Geocell

Below is the overview of our company:

1, The first one to produce HDPE Geocell in China since the year 2004.

2, Quality Management System certified by ISO9001:2015 standard.

3, All our Geocells have CE Certification authorized by SGS and BTTG.

4, Strictly Quality Control System from raw material to each production process.

5, FREE samples can be provided in 3 working days for quality evaluation.

6, Flexible payment terms for T/T, L/C, and D/P available.

7, Quick delivery time, 1×40’HQ container Geocells regular can be shipped in 2 weeks.

8, MOQ 1000m2.

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geocell manufacturers
geocell manufacturers

Our Commitment to You

  • Density   0.935-0.965g/cm3   ASTM D 1505
  • Carbon Black content  ≥1.5%   ASTM D 1603
  • OIT oxidation induction time  ≥150min   ASTM D 3895
  • Environmental stress crack resistance  ≥5000hrs   ASTM D 1693
  • Seam Peel Strength   ≥14.2 KN/m   USACE GL-86-19
  • Tensile strength at Yield  ≥22KN/m   ASTM D 638

Professional design suggestions for geocell soil stabilization, geocell slope protection, geocell slope erosion control, and retaining wall projects.

Professional Geocell selection advice(different height, welding distance, thickness, seam peel strength…) based on our 20 years of experience in the Geocell field.

Professional installation guidelines(PDF files and videos) for each construction process.

All accessories are available(connection key, anchor, anchor head, tendon) for Geocell installation.

Geocell section length/width/area can be customized as per your project requests, to save your installation time and labor cost.

For quantity 1×40’HQ container Geocells regular can be shipped within 2 weeks.

Meet With Our Team

Excell team
Excell team
Excell team

General Manager
Mr. Colin, Xing

Engineer Director
Mr. Thomas, Ye

Sales Manager
Ms. Claire Zhang

Excell team
Excell team
Excell team

Factory Director
Mr. Pablo, Zhao

Business Development
Mr. Loki, Xu

Ms. Emma Wang