Excell / HDPE Geocell / Geocell Ground Grid

Excell is a kind of cellular confinement system, which is also called HDPE Geocell, Geocell grid, or Geocell ground grid. It is made from HDPE (high-density polyethylene) sheets through ultrasonic welding to a 3-dimensional network structure. It is used to help improve the performance of standard construction materials and erosion control treatments. Excell system can be filled with a wide range of materials: aggregate, concrete, sand, soil, etc.

geocell grid
geocell grid
geocell grid
geocell grid

Excell Material

1, Height:

From 50mm to 300mm, regular types are 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 150mm, and 200mm, which are the most popular heights used on different kinds of Geocell projects.

2, Welding Distance:

From 300mm to 1000mm, regular types are 330mm, 356mm, 445mm, 660mm, and 712mm which are widely used on different kinds of Geocell projects.

3, Smooth & Textured Surface

Perforations and a textured surface increase the friction angle between aggregate infill and the cell wall, generating better aggregate lockup and greater overall load distribution.

4, Perforated & No-Perforated type

Perforations facilitate parallel slope drainage of the infilled cell. In saturated conditions, the removal of excess water increases infill friction, reducing downslope sliding forces, resulting in a more stable system.

5, Colors

Black, green, gray, sand, and yellow colors are available for us.

Excell Geocell Specifications

Excell  – GB Standard (Chinese Standard)

Carbon Black Content           ASTM D 1603         ≥1.5%
Density                                    ASTM D 1505         ≥0.94g/cm3
Sheet Thickness                    ASTM D 5199         1.5mm
Seam Peel Strength              USACE GL-86-19   ≥10KN/m
Tensile Strength at Yield      ASTM D 638           ≥16KN/m

Excell  – ASTM Standard 

Carbon Black Content           ASTM D 1603         ≥1.5%
Density                                    ASTM D 1505         0.935-0.965g/cm3
Sheet Thickness                    ASTM D 5199         1.5mm
Seam Peel Strength             USACE GL-86-19   ≥14.2KN/m
Tensile Strength at Yield     ASTM D 638           ≥22KN/m
Environmental Stress Crack Resistance(ESCR)   ASTM D 1693      ≥5000hrs
Oxidation Induction Time(OIT)                  ASTM D 3895     ≥150min

geocell grid
geocell grid
geocell grid
geocell grid

Geocell Confinement System Features

1, Lightweight and compact

Geocell confinement system is made of high-density polyethylene, it is lightweight, so very easy to carry by human power, no need any heavy machinery. In addition, since it is delivered in a compactly folded state, so it does not require a large space for storage.

2, Easy construction

The construction method is easy, after hitting an anchor, the geocell can be deployed, filled with filling material, and compacted repeatedly. In addition, since foundation concrete is not required, it also contributes to shortening the construction period.

3, Excellent followability

Due to the flexibility of the material, it demonstrates excellent followability even on undulating sites and can easily handle curved sections.

4, Effective use of generated soil

Since various filling materials such as locally generated soil, crushed stone, recycled concrete, and improved soil can be used depending on the situation, it also contributes to the reduction of residual soil transportation costs.

5, Good for Landscape

Since the setback part is a flat surface, it is easy to vegetate using the filling material, so it is excellent in landscape.

Excell Geocell Applications

geocell grid driveway

Geocell Soil Stabilization

geocell erosion control

Geocell Slope Protection

geocell erosion control

Geocell Channel Protection

geocell retaining wall

Geocell Retaining Wall

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