Project Description

How does Geocell work on soil stabilization projects?

The Geocell soil stabilization system is a highly effective, economical solution to road surface problems that result from subgrade material failure or surface/base material instability. This 3D cellular confinement system reduces vertical differential settlement into soft subgrades, improves shear strength, and enhances the load-bearing capacity. It also can prevent the lateral displacement of infill and reduces vertical deflections even on low-strength subgrades while reducing the amount of aggregate material required to extend the service life of roads.


Why does Geocell work?

1, Increases layer strength, reduces base layer thickness, and wearing course.
2, Distributes loads laterally and reduces vertical deflection and subgrade contact pressures.
3, Controls shearing and lateral movement of the coarse and permeable infill material.
4, Simple installation, all-weather suitable, fast, and convenient.
5, Use of less expensive granular non-cohesive materials. These are sometimes found on site and would not need to be trucked to the project.
6, Significantly minimizes surface rutting, increases lifespan, reduces repairs, and maintenance cycle.
7, With open aggregate infill, reduces stormwater runoff.

Typical Applications:

Roadway shoulders
Track ballast and subballast structures
Permanent and temporary site access roads
Paved and unpaved roads
Intermodal/port facilities
Parking lots
Transportation/ container storage yards
Foundation mattresses and pipeline protection