Project Description

How does Geocell work on slope protection projects?

The Geocell slope protection system is an effective and economical solution to challenging slope-surface stability problems. It can confine and reinforces the upper soil layer and infill controlling down-slope movement and slippage due to hydrodynamic and gravitational forces, and meet a wide range of performance and aesthetic requirements with select infill.

Geocells along with anchoring techniques ensure the long-term stability of slopes using vegetated topsoil, aggregate, or concrete surfacing. The enhanced drainage, frictional forces, and cell-soil-plant interaction prevents downslope movement and limit the impact of raindrops, channeling, and hydraulic shear stresses.

Geocell effectively controls erosion as the cells prevent movement of the infill. The confined infill therefore acts as a counterweight on sloped areas and improves stability. Perforations in the 3D cellular confinement system allow the passage of water, nutrients, and soil organisms. This encourages plant growth and root interlock, which further stabilizes the slope and soil mass, and facilitates landscape rehabilitation.

Why does Geocell work?

1, Stabilizes and protects the topsoil layer from movement.
2, Provides effective slope protection and structural confinement of granular materials such as sand, gravel, and larger rock.
3, Reinforces vegetation and increases its resistance to erosive forces. Cell wall perforations increase vegetation stability by stimulating root zone interlock and cross-root growth.
4, Provides mechanical protection against run-off and rill development.
5, Improves the growth of the vegetation, soil health, and visual landscape.
6, Creates additional stability by integrating tendons on steeper slopes and shoreline embankments or when a geomembrane or hard soil/rock surface prevents anchoring with stakes.

Typical Applications:

Cut or fill embankment slopes
Steep slopes
Geomembrane protection
Spillways and dams
Dikes and levees
Abutment protection
Landfill lining and covers