Geocell Retaining Wall(Excell150-600 in China)

Project information:

Time: June 2021.

Country: China.

Status: This project needs a gravity retaining wall to have a degree of flexibility that allows them to be constructed over variable foundation soils without loss of structural stability.

Used Geocell type: our Geocell Excell150-600(detailed specifications: height 150mm, welding 600mm, textured&No-perforated type, thickness 1.5mm, seam peel strength 14.2KN/m).

Color: Green+Black, the outside green color with vegetated grass can provide a natural-looking and the black color has better UV resistance, light stability, and better weather resistance ability.

Total quantity: around 12.000m2.

Below are the construction photos sent from our customer.

Geocell retaining wall
Geocell retaining wall