Geo Compost Bin

geobin Compost bin

The Geo compost bin is a great way for households to quickly and easily compost kitchen scraps and yard waste. With much lower expenses and bigger capacity on the market, the Geo compost bin is a backyard compost system easy to set up and ideal for all skill levels, from beginners to master gardeners. Use the finished compost around trees, flowers, and garden plants to amend the soil with rich nutrients and enhance your outdoor environment.

Size: 335cmx90cm/ 131.9inx35.4in

Expandable Capaciy: 220Gallon/833L

Material: HDPE(High-Density Polyethylene)

Color: Black Green or Customized

Package: PE film or Customized

Single Package Size: 90x10x10 cm

Feature & Application

High CapacityThe maximum capacity of the compost bin is 220 gallons. The roll paper structure brings more convenience. You can adjust the size of the compost bucket according to actual needs to save time and efficiently compost.

Perfect QualityOur composter is made of high-quality HDPE. This material is more resistant to corrosion, and degradation than ordinary pp plastics. Excellent characteristics make it tough and durable for long-lasting service life.

Efficient CompostVent hole design makes composting easy and efficient. The fastest acting decomposition with the least amount of effort. Numerous wall openings on the bin strengthen the air circulation, and easily produce finished compost in weeks.

Easy to UseEasy to assemble with closure keys. Easy to move. Easy to reassemble.

geobin Compost bin
geobin Compost bin

How to set up your compost bin:

1, Open your composter, lay it flat to break the curl, then expand it to the desired diameter.

  • As your needs grow, expand the width of your composter.
  • Don’t use the first set of slots to complete the circle, but rather the second set for the largest recommended diameter.

2, Connect and secure your composter.

  • Insert the compost bin closing key through the overlapping slot and then use the buckle to lock the key.
  • Place a closure key through the top-most, bottom-most, and center slots at your preferred diameter.

What to Compost:

Wood ashes/ Cardboard — including the box/ Kitchen scraps such as vegetables, egg shells, fruit peelings, and coffee grounds/ Garden and yard materials such as grass clippings, leaves, annual plants, and vegetables.


Help Yourself and the Environment at the Same Time.

Composting saves you money and is good for the environment.

By turning your own waste materials into nourishing compost, you’ll keep them out of landfills and will be doing your part to reduce impacts to our Earth.

geobin Compost bin
geobin Compost bin

Why Choose Us:

The easiest setup — suitable for family.

The best adjustability — choose the capacity size that’s right for you.

The fastest acting decomposition with the least amount of effort.

The largest storage capacity (220 gallons / 833L).

Compost bin
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